Cover Girl

It was late, and I had just lie. That day the boys gave me a lot of work. Being the wife of superstar is not easy. Our two sons, Harry and Ron, are small, but as a father has a lot of energy.

All that day I missed Logan more than ever. Maybe because I knew that the tour was ending, and I finally see him after a month away from it.

We were married for about two years, but we still felt like we were lovers.

I was almost falling asleep when I felt a chill, followed by a kiss on my lips. It took me to open my eyes, I thought it was just a dream, did not want to wake up. Then I heard him whisper my name in my ear:

- Anthi … Wake up, I’m here darling.

I did not believe it was not a dream. I opened my eyes and I saw Logan standing beside our bed. Finally he was home. I got up and hugged him. It was good to hug him. Then I looked deep into his eyes, and he in turn kissed me.

After a time of hugs and kisses, he asked:

-Honey, where are the kids? I thought they would be agreed …

-Harry did not stop a second time during the day, and Ron is half cold. They went to bed early.

-I miss our boys.

-They are really missed you, just like me.

Logan looked at me and kissed me again. Then I remembered I had to tell you something very important to him. I sat up and began to speak:

-Logan, sit beside me. We need to talk.

-Sure honey.

It took me a while to pluck up the courage, so I said:

-What i will say now will change our lives forever. You know, you’re gone so long, is always on the road with the boys, and I do not blame you for this, but a few days ago I met a person, and I’m in love.

He was quiet, seemed to get angry, so he got up, looked deep into my eyes and said:

- I never thought I’d hear that coming from you. I love you so much and you enjoy my trips to meet other guys?

- Logan, is not it …

- Is that so? Remember when we met?

-Sure, it was a show, you and the boys began to sing “cover girl”, so we looked at, you dedicated the song to me, then I went backstage, we talked, turned friends, boyfriends and we are here today with three sons …

-Exactly, I fell for you that day and you … Wait a minute. You said three children?

-Yeah, I said.

-But then what to say …

-Yes, I’m pregnant. It’s been three months. Did not notice that I’m kinda chubby? - I laughed, and he remained silent. I stared at him, then asked:

-Honey, you do not like the news?

-I loved the news, is the best since you told me she was pregnant with boys … So it’s a boy or girl?

-It’s a girl!

At that moment a huge smile appeared on his face , followed by a tear. He said:

-So, to say that I will be a father of a little girl? Are you serious?

- Yes love. She will be your little “cover girl”.

-Love, this is the best gift I could win. You  is the most beautiful rusher of all. I was lucky to meet you.

- Stop Logan, I’m ashamed …

-But wait, already decided the name?

-I thought of one.

- I think I already know: Hermione, right?

-Yeah, you like?


So we kissed. Then I laughed and said:

- I want to see you keep loving me when I’m chubby.

- Anthi, you’re perfect for me, anyway!

Then he looked deep into my eyes and began to sing: “I do not know why you always get so insecure …”